Io Ethical Italian Eyewear

"Io Ethical Italian Eyewear" is the new brand produced by Lio' Factory, which reflects the Company's philosophy applied to the design and production of frames.
Where "Io" that means is not synonymous with narcissism, but a journey within ourself, looking for those emotions that make a daily life, sometimes we can wrong , while questioning our knowledge, but always using individual skills that characterize each person.

Tradition and innovation

  • Return to the creativity of tradition

    With the use of the imagination to mix all the materials available in nature, even the most details such as cork or more poor such as wood and unbleached.

  • The individual ego back in time

    Looking for a past from which again, using errors as a guide and teaching for a future that combines innovation and remembrance.

  • The IO in nature

    Placing the base of each act, the teaching that nature has always provided to the man: respect for himself,for the others and for our Earth.



Momà Evening - Asolo (TV)

In the elegant setting of local Momà in Asolo (TV), was happened the parade of the new brand of Lio' Factory, together with the presentation of the brand new videoclip.


Videogallery Presentation

Official release of the items of waiting Videogalley 2012 "Io Ethical Italian Eyewear" and the Special Features of the next Videoclip branded Lio' Factory.


Parade G.I.P. - Valdobbiadene (TV)

The first models in the collection, "Io Ethical Italian Eyewear" in Valdobbiadene, perform during the evening G.I.P. 2012, organized by the young friends of Treviso

Our philosopy

"Go where your heart takes you" is the title of a famous italian novel, and at the same time it includes few, intense, words that describe our philosophy, a work since a lot of years.

Yes, because our emotions, from the beginning, we were guided on a journey inside and outside of us, in search of beauty, the unique, the produce and offer our customers the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Excellence in fact combined with the sense of oneness that underlies every single human existence, as an essential and unique to each of us. The importance of the particular features of its "Io" thus deserves a unique product.



Silmo Paris 2014

Lio' Factory will exhibit new collection in Village Hall 5 C061 at international fair of Silmo in Paris.
We’ll be glad to meet you there.


HK Optical Fair 2014

For the first time Lio' Factory will exhibit in HK Optical Fair 2014 in Hong Kong, Hall 1B A16.
As usual, we’ll wait for you.